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Ciphr has unveiled a new brand identity and vision today, designed to showcase the importance and value of HR and people teams to UK businesses.

The all-encompassing rebrand puts people management professionals at the centre of its transformative new look and narrative, and positions Ciphr as their go-to HR software and solutions partner.

Ciphr’s vibrant new colour palette, logo, website and content may seem like a seismic shift in market direction – but it’s not. It’s simply more representative of the people-centric brand and employee-centric company that it’s always been. And it’s purposefully more reflective of, and aligned to, its customer base – the people who use, and rely on, Ciphr’s integrated HR, payroll, learning and recruitment software and services.

The use of eye-catching visuals and impactful copy that resonates with the HR community adds more warmth and...

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