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Citrus Ornge launches Money & Investing Digest: a new financial publication for the money conscious.

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The publication will feature a mixture of original content and expertly curated news from the sector's top media titles.

Money & Investing Digest (MID) aims to provide financial information and investment advice to its readers, driving positive socio-economic decisions while providing curated insight from trusted sources.

MID will be the first online publisher to feature a new Citrus Ornge technology that enables websites to gather content from other publications in ways that favour Google algorithms. This enables publishers to seamlessly optimise their domains by providing the most popular news from leading websites via an easy to use platform.

The website and technology have been launched by Citrus Ornge, a specialist performance marketing, technology, and publishing business that is an expert in high-end B2B & B2C marketing solutions. Jason Baker, CEO of Citrus Ornge, commented: “We are excited to be launching MID, which we believe will quickly become the go-to source of financial information and advice online. The team has invested a huge amount of time and energy into creating a truly compelling tool for the publishing sector. This is only the beginning of our new technology, which has huge potential for any website that wants to publish relevant and recent quality content in a consistent manner. We will be announcing more exciting news on this in the near future, so watch this space!” !”

Money & Investing Digest will be officially launched on April 1st, 2021. Readers are encouraged to submit their feedback and have the opportunity to contribute to our OP-ED column. We aim to include expert insight from various financial disciplines providing real insight into industry developments and recommendations. For more information, please send us an email at