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Citrus Ornge are joined by Brighton's recovery organisation, CGL and Fidelity International for an Alcohol and Mental Health Seminar

Jason Baker Citrus Ornge

It is time businesses start answering the questions that everybody is asking. It is time the workplace dynamics change and it is time to break taboos and bust myths inside corporate organisations and create a space where every individual can flourish. Citrus Ornge, Ali Hannon and our special guests are here to do just that in their new five-part series called ‘Answering the difficult questions.’

Tickets are FREE, you just need to register here by 5pm, Wednesday 8th December.

Alcohol Awareness Week has finished this year, but the conversation around these topics need to be continued. This was an especially busy week for the team at Brighton-based marketing, tech and publishing company Citrus Ornge, whose social mission is to create opportunities for those recovering from addiction and it sits right at the heart of their business. Citrus Ornge wants to continue the conversation around alcohol awareness and open up the space to discuss other workplace taboo topics, hoping to pave the way for other businesses to become more open and aware of some of the biggest unanswered questions. Citrus’s CEO, Jason Baker, doesn’t shy away from difficult conversations and wants workplaces to normalise talking about the issues surrounding addiction and to support those in recovery.

Citrus Ornge will be holding a new five-part series called ‘Answering the difficult questions’ which will be led by Ali Hannon (They/Them), who is a Diversity and Inclusion consultant whose aim is to put the joy back into workplace learning. Ali blends skills developed over ten years performing and teaching improvised comedy, with their established track record of developing multinational executive communications in the corporate sector. Ali's joyful approach, which is immersive and full of participation, leaves people with a solid understanding and lots of excitement, whatever the subject.

Each episode of the five-part series will include industry professional guest speakers, who will be discussing different hard-hitting topics. Our first discussion will take place this week on Thursday 9th December 2021, around the topic of ‘Addiction and Mental Health,’ a perfect conversation to follow on from Alcohol Awareness Week. The guest speaker panel will consist of 4 guest speakers.

The first panellist is Dr Robert Robinson, Principal Lead for Public Health at Change Grow Live. Change Grow Live is a Brighton based recovery organisation that set out to help those who want to change their direction, grow as a person, and live life to its full potential, they are there for those who need help with challenges including drugs or alcohol, trouble with housing, domestic abuse, or mental and physical wellbeing. Their services are free and confidential.

Ian Hood is our second panellist, who is Chief Digital Officer at the Investment company, Fidelity International. Fidelity International offers investment solutions and retirement expertise, they bring together savings and pensions with world-class investment choices to help their clients build better futures for themselves and generations to come.
Sarah Taylor, a recognised leadership coach and Jason Baker, Founder and CEO of Citrus Ornge will also be on the panel.

This experienced group of people will be coming together to discuss the importance of being aware of mental health and addiction in the workplace as well as how they personally aim to address this issue in a modern working setting. Their overall mission is to shed light on this topic and pave the way for other businesses to also make similar adjustments and create a diverse space for everyone. This is a great opportunity for businesses to tune in and receive some insight into how they can make their workplaces more inclusive and how doing so can massively benefit their business.

Tickets are FREE, you just need to register here by 5pm, Wednesday 8th December.

Jason Baker, CEO of Citrus Ornge said “The challenge of addiction changed my life and I know how difficult it is to get your life back together while in recovery. I’m concerned that addiction is a silent issue in the workplace. It should be a topic that is openly discussed in-line with the movement towards mental health first aid in the modern workplace.”

Shifting the cultural norms associated with addiction and recovery opens up a safe space for those who may be too scared to either approach a colleague about their own personal concerns around their drinking or even ‘come out’ as a recovering addict within the workplace. By creating a space to talk more freely about alcohol addiction we enable people to build their confidence and ability to help improve their own drinking behaviours. Addressing addiction more freely in the workplace gets people to talk more openly about balancing the spectrum of drinking cultures that sit within our society.

“Every day, 20 people die as a result of their drinking. But alcohol harm is not inevitable.”

Ali Hannon commented: “Getting people talking about subjects like these save lives. Many leaders don’t know where to even begin with these conversations, though. Those living with addiction face several obstacles in the workplace and creating inclusive cultures means getting to grips with the reality of addiction. As someone who grew up around addiction, I know that talking about it is the first step to breaking patterns of behaviour.”

Citrus Ornge’s Social Mission is a progressive charge in the fight against the stigma that surrounds addiction. Since their launch in 2018, they’ve: Grown their core team with a current size of approximately 13 staff members, helped 15 people through their social mission to achieve permanent full or part-time work as key members of staff, board members or freelancers and recently relocated into their own office space, right in the centre of Brighton’s quirky and trendy South Laines. Citrus’s White paper came together to help develop further their incredible Social Mission and his team can help your business to create a social mission of your very own.


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