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Press Release

For immediate Release: Book Launch date 15th September 2010

If Irvine Welsh wrote life affirming self-help books then they would probably smell, feel and taste like this.

Choose Life. Choose a destiny. Choose a purpose. Choose its family. Chose a fucking big dream. Choose to aim high, inspire, make a difference and be happy. Choose good health, happiness and inner desires. Choose to know the real you. Choose a path choose to follow it. Choose to be a rare creature. Choose to be allowed and know that it’s ok to fuck up. Choose to know you can be a good person and still be wild. Choose to leave the couch, take action and make it happen. Choose to start with the end in mind and know you made a difference. Choose the possibility to be remembered as part of a generation that was more than facebook, binge drinking, gang culture and shit soul-destroying chat shows.

With her life escalating into a scene from the...

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