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Ashburton, Devon (Tuesday 14th March 2023) –Climb Channel Solutions, an international specialty technology distributor and wholly-owned subsidiary of Climb Global Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: CLMB) is proud to announce that it has been named as Channel Partner of the Year 2022 by SmartBear.
The award recognises that over 54% of SmartBear Global Channel Sales in 2022 was made via Climb Channel Solutions in both North America and the UK and EMEA. This represents a successful 12 year partner relationship which has grown since its inception in 2011.
SmartBear focuses on creating solutions for the entire software lifecycle from designing and developing API’s to consuming, testing and monitoring. With a keen focus on reusability, integrated tools and building a global community of developers. SmartBear sells to over 100 resellers in 60 countries. It perceives that automation is the main area where companies are able to drive growth and profitability using Cloud based...

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