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Social media has pulled back the curtain on the behind-the-scenes and ‘top secrets’ of Hollywood’s hair processes, tips and tricks. Gone are the days when young men and women looked at glossy magazines, covered with Hollywood A-listers and their incredibly polished, voluminous, and ever-glamorous hair. In the fast-moving world of hair trends and styles, it seems that social media is at the forefront on what ‘glam’ means in 2020.

Although Hollywood movies continue to influence the hair and beauty industry, their impact pales in comparison with that of Instagram’s influence on the young market, especially when it comes to glamourous hair. Instagram is a global digital magazine that appears to be much more relatable to most consumers – they rarely don expensive gowns, but increasingly approach hair and makeup with photos in mind (enter Instagram-glam).

We are all now on some version of the red carpet in our own daily lives, online and offline, and with...

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