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A new Christmas Gift Code of Conduct has been launched, revealing the faces pulled in response to bad kids’ gifts

With up to GBP£700 million a year* spent on unwanted Christmas gifts – and the majority spent on 5-16 year olds – well-meaning parents, Godparents, aunts and uncles are likely to experience the four present faces of Christmas before the year is out.

To help recognise and interpret these, Code Kingdoms has introduced a new Christmas Gift Code of Conduct. Made by kids, to help adults, it reveals the different present faces kids make upon receipt of a gift that misses the mark, whether out of embarrassment, shock or disappointment. Present faces include ‘The Face Palm of Failure’ and ‘The Wide Eyed WTF?’, reserved for gifts that have missed the mark. Watch the full Christmas Gift Code of Conduct here: Read full release

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