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Digica Group, a leading provider of outsourced and managed IT services to companies using midrange and desktop technologies, announces that it has received £3.5m additional investment capital. The funds will be used to support the continued development of the business. In particular, Digica has plans to expand its high-availability capability in the UK and to increase the technical and services resources of the company. It will also further develop its recently acquired facilities in South Africa. Digica sees particular opportunities in the mid-range outsourcing market by building on its ability to offer 24x7 service with high resilience. Digica currently has two data-centres, in Nottingham and Leeds, and is building a new data-centre in South Africa. Both of the UK data centres have physically separate high-availability suites, connected by resilient fibre to each data centre. This enables Digica to offer a range of innovative and cost effective business continuity solutions.

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