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11th February, London - A brand new consumer survey undertaken by, the leading Gamified eCommerce site, has revealed that 668 of the 969 consumers asked, have not used technology to find romance despite a more accessible range of dating apps and sites.

Despite the popularity of dating apps, the recent MadBid survey reveals that its shoppers infact like to socialise and find love the old-fashioned way with 59% saying that they met their current love face to face.
91% of consumers stated that they have never proposed using technology, MadBids consumers show that they are super savvy romantics as well as shoppers.

In the survey, MadBid’s consumers were asked if they would ever dump someone using technology and a staggering 85% admitted that it‘s something that they would prefer to do face to face rather than digitally. With 75% revealing that they would feel very annoyed if they were ever dumped digitally.

Juha Koski,...

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