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London, Monday 8th October 2018 – Forward thinking IT support & services provider Conosco have announced the appointment of Amit Dattani in the role of Director of Technology to create ‘The Office of the CTO’.

Organisations look to their IT support and services partner for advice on technological trends and guidance on making the right IT investment. By creating the ‘Office of the CTO’, Conosco believes they can harness the collective talent within their organisation to provide business changing value to their clients.

Amit Dattani joins Conosco to lead this initiative and to head-up Conosco’s consulting practice. He brings over 15 years of infrastructure and DevOps experience that has been honed at Sony PlayStation, Moonpig and the Photobox Group. His flair for leveraging technology to drive business advantage will play a significant role in delivering strategic IT advice to Conosco clients.

Anders Reeves, CEO, Conosco, said: “With...

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