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UK stars missing the mark when speaking in public.

London, March 11th, 2009.

Gordon Brown might be receiving rave reviews in the US, but he’s finding the audience at home somewhat trickier. This is according to a report published today naming the Prime Minister as the UK’s most boring public speaker.

The report, from speech-to-text company SpinVox, reveals the PM has topped the list of public figures that people least enjoy listening to. One in five people (20%) selected the PM, ahead of David Beckham (14%) and Oscar winner Kate Winslet, who famously fluffed her acceptance speech at the Golden Globe awards (11%).

The research also revealed the public figures that Brits would most like to hear oratorical musings from – with silver-tongued Stephen Fry (31%) surprisingly beating newly-elected US president Barack Obama (28%) into second place. SpinVox is sponsoring this year’s ICA Figures of Speech fundraising gala where...

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