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Gary Lineker was right, divorce is far too expensive London firms now charge between £500 - £650 per hour plus VAT for their services.

For people with lots of money divorce by formula would work very well because they will have more than enough to meet the needs of both spouses and their children.

For people with not enough money to meet everyone’s needs post divorce, it is much harder to divide the assets up fairly. After all, if there’s not enough money for everyone to be rehoused, you have to decide whether the children and their primary carer should be given priority or not. In Australia, they are not (and the wife and children often end up in rented accomodation).

In England and Wales such priority is given but that inevitably makes calculating the division complex. It also needs you will probably need a lawyer to help you as they know what factors the judge will take into account and which they will not (for example your ex partner...

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