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Summary: Crann is a highly innovative company creating stylish sunglasses and watches by utilising sustainable materials. The company is now taking part in an effort to preserve Irish woodlands.

(Dublin, Ireland 21/07/19) – Local entrepreneur Eoin McGuiness started in 2018 as a way to introduce eco-friendly products to a large demographic of Irish consumers. Taking great pride in his Irish heritage, Eoin wanted to set a precedent for sustainable business practices within his community. His company Crann offers a wide selection of sunglasses and watches that are made from sustainably sourced raw materials including recycled bamboo, oak and mixed woods.

100% Irish owned and operated, the headquarters for Crann are based in Clonalvy, Co. Meath. The entire product range offered by Crann is an ode to Irish culture and traditions. ‘Crann’ being the Irish word for ‘Tree’, each product carries a unique Irish name that holds a personal significance...

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