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Maidstone, Kent, UK – February 7, 2012 – After all the excitement over the recent discovery of Richard III, a new Anglo-Saxon historical fiction series aims at putting another missing English king back in the public eye.

Kent, UK author Richard E Goodwin writes: “After Spielberg’s release of the American movie Lincoln, British critics lament why our film industry can’t bring itself to make triumphant, patriotic films like the Americans, which laud our great nation’s past. We have three kings still missing: Alfred the Great, Henry I, and perhaps the most poignant of all, King Harold II, who famously perished at Hastings.”

Goodwin’s new Godric Chronicles series traces Harold’s rise from earl’s son to Edward the Confessor’s second-in-command to king in his own right. He believes Harold’s fabulous story has tremendous relevance to the English today, not only to the traditionalists but for those who have come to make England their new home.


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