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Consumers' changing lifestyle and behaviour have been reflected in the iconic brands that have achieved 2023 Consumer Superbrand Status, with Rolex showing it can stand the test of time, alongside Lego, Samsung and Mastercard.

In addition, brands such as Tinder, Estee Lauder, Hargreaves Lansdown, and The North Face scored highly as consumers' attitudes and lifestyle preferences shifted over the past year amid the end of lockdowns and an impending recession.

Despite a feeling of uncertainty about the future, these names remain connected to consumers through strong emotional ties and resilience to any economic challenges ahead. Furthermore, increased home working and technological advances are factors which are making us re-evaluate our perceptions of certain services and products offered by certain brands.

Rolex continues to be a favourite amongst UK consumers, with the esteemed watch maker garnering the top spot in this year's Consumer...

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