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Spending quality time with family and loved ones is regarded as the top priority (57%) in a job, followed by taking care of physical or mental health (55%), saving money for the future (34%) and having time to pursue hobbies and other passions (33%).
Wanting to earn as much money as possible is rated by just 16% and focusing time and energy on a career scores a lowly 13%.
Changing attitudes to work and home brought on by the Covid pandemic is causing huge challenges for business, a new global study reveals.
While good pay and benefits are regarded as ideal qualities in a job by 50%, having flexible or remote working is more valued (53%). Other important qualities are low stress (35%), feeling valued and respected (33%) and having a safe environment (27%). Baby boomers (55 -74 years) are the only generation who put pay and benefits ahead of flexible working.
Almost six in ten (57%) workers now want their employer to allow either part or full time working...

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