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(UK) Nearly half of all women in the UK (47%) have had “serious trouble” with their current or previous form of contraception, of which 16% said they didn’t receive adequate professional care for the trouble.

On top of this, just 1 in 4 (25%) women feel the potential side-effects of any contraception they were taking or about to take were explained to them “in-depth”, a new survey by The Femedic has revealed.

The Femedic — an educational women’s health website — commissioned an in-depth survey in October 2017 in order to gauge women’s attitudes to and experiences with contraception: what are women choosing, and why? Are they being given adequate information, support, and care?

Almost half of women (45%) said the potential side effects of the contraception they were advised to use were only “barely” or “briefly” explained to them, and 6% said side effects weren’t...

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