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#pelvicroar Campaign Infographic

The pelvicroar Campaign Launches and Calls ‘Time’ on Lack of Awareness and Support for this Crucial Area of Health, Demanding Closer Collaboration between Healthcare Professionals, Fitness Trainers & Policy-makers

• 1 in 3 women wet themselves due to weak pelvic floor muscles
• Women are unaware they can be referred by a GP to a specialist physiotherapist
• Women are twice as likely to suffer post-natal depression if they leak¹
• Strong pelvic floor muscles mean stronger orgasms and prevent age-related leaks²,³

18th June 2018, As World Continence Week starts, a new health campaign launches: #pelvicroar calling for closer collaboration between healthcare professionals, fitness professionals, industry and individuals to educate and manage problems such as incontinence and pelvic organ prolapses. It is spearheaded by 3 specialist pelvic health physiotherapists: Emma...

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