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Dentii Brush and Smartphone App

London, UK: Dentist Dr Sunny Sihra from London, UK, is bringing technical and design innovation to the $37billion global oral care market* with Dentii set to launch their first range of smart-brushes later this year.

Dentii is a new integrated dental healthcare range comprising immaculately designed, sleek electronic toothbrushes, with single use, interchangeable brush heads to eliminate all bacteria after each use. Today, Dentii have announced that their innovative toothbrushes are available for pre-order from their website.

At the core of the Dentii range is a smartphone app which connects to the electric toothbrush and maps the geometry of a patient’s mouth, noting the brushing paths and pressure. Via the app, the data is sent to the user’s dental professional for analysis and then if necessary, they will inform the patient on how to improve their dental routine.
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