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Unique Global Father’s Day Celebration Strikes A Chord With The Groundbreaking Spirit of 2020

The Dads Of Dad La Soul

In a world full of home-schooling stresses, no playdates, social isolation and global protests, a Worthing-based dads group are bringing dads and kids from around the world together in a unique social experiment, this Father's Day.

“Imagine dads and kids from the projects in Atlanta, having the chance to play, chat, laugh and learn from those in a village in Kenya, a leafy suburb in France, a seaside town in Sussex, or a tenement building in Glasgow. This is a truly remarkable playdate”

The world’s first international, virtual, dads and kids playdate. Welcome to the Dadifesto2020 

Still struggling with what to get dad, this Father's Day? then how about a place with 96 dads and kids from around the world on a playdate that includes, rap workshops, Lego challenges, storytime with guest authors and some very special guest celebrity appearances. 

Britain’s Dad La Soul has united with America’s Fathers Incorporated and Daddy Saturday organisations for Dadifesto – a virtual celebration of fathers and their children.

In the spirit of transatlantic cooperation, the dad-centric group Dad La Soul, Fathers Incorporated and Daddy Saturday have joined forces, utilising their grassroots relationships across the world for an event that chimes with the Black Lives Matter movement and responds positively to the isolation caused by COVID-19. Celebrating dads the world over, Dadifesto is a virtual, international Father’s Day celebration that will bring all cultures and races together to celebrate parenthood and a commitment to encouraging children to become ‘global citizens’, caring about the wellbeing of all humans regardless of any differences in race, culture, or class.

The global celebration takes place on Father's Day, Sunday, June 21st, at 4.00 PM in the UK, with planned activities that include a scavenger hunt, storytime with a guest author, a Lego competition and special celebrity guest appearances. Dads around the world can participate in this celebration by RSVPing to. Dadifesto2020

Dan Flanagan, 45, from Worthing founded Dad La Soulin 2016. It is a revolutionary grassroots movement that uses art, music, and technology to tackle social isolation among fathers. Formed after leaving his corporate job, in part as a response to a long commute which cut significantly into family time, Dad La Soul has been recognized and funded by the likes of Comic Relief and Coast to Capital for its valuable contribution to the community.

“In the UK, the stats show that 96 men under the age of 45 commit suicide every year - why?” asks Flanagan before answering his own question; “It’s because men do not talk. Those 96 men come from all racial and socio-economic backgrounds and as part of its global citizen mission, the Dadifesto aims to give those 96 dads a voice and show that it does not always have to be this way.”

Kenneth Braswell is CEO of Fathers Incorporated, a nonprofit that mainly assists African-American dads with personal and professional assistance. He is also the author of the children’s book, ‘Daddy There’s a Noise Outside, which addresses protests and the reasons they happen.

“As a Black Dad,” he says, “It is important to instil among my children a sense of pride for themselves. It is just as important that with that lens, they have an appreciation for ALL cultures and people. This is a great opportunity to do just that.”

Justin Batt is the self-described “fatherhood disruptor” behind Daddy Saturday, the US movement (and book) that aims to restore fatherhood by creating intentional dads focused on raising good kids who become great adults.“As fathers, we need to recognize that far more is caught than taught,” he explains, “If we want to change the next generation it starts with us leading by example and being intentional about having courageous conversations with our kids, discussing important issues about the past and present to help shape their future."

The Dadifesto is a virtual international Father’s Day celebration designed to bring dads around the world together in a show of support and unity in the spirit of intentional parenting.

For more information about Dadifesto or to RSVP, please visit Places are free but are extremely limited. 

Media are invited and encouraged to participate. Interviews can be requested with either the UK or U.S team by contacting Dan Flanagan on 07734650671

About Dad La Soul

Dad La Soul is a revolutionary grassroots movement based in Worthing, West Sussex. Their mission is to tackle loneliness and social isolation amongst Dads by creating support networks that initiate conversations, create friendships and strengthen family relationships.
Their primary outcomes are to reduce loneliness, improve men’s mental health and wellbeing, reduce male suicide and increase family stability.

They do this pro-actively by hosting playdates for Dads / male carers and their children to learn new skills, play together and foster the ethos of Dads as involved parents. We facilitate the building of meaningful relationships between men to create a safer, stronger and more resilient community For more details, please visit 

About Fathers Incorporated

Established in 2004, Fathers Incorporated works collaboratively with organizations around the US to identify and advocate for social and legislative changes that lead to healthy father involvement with children, regardless of the father's marital or economic status, or geographic location. For more information, please visit
About Daddy Saturday

The Daddy Saturday Foundation’s goal is to make an impact on the lives of 10 million fathers in the next 10 years, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to raise good kids who become great adults and to put an end to the epidemic of fatherlessness. For more information, please visit