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Vivitek’s Qumi Q5 pocket projector is equally at home at business presentations as it is to share videos or photographs with friends. The size of an average paperback book QUMI Q5 packs a punch with a brightness of 500 lumens, WXGA resolution, and a contrast of 3500:1 delivering crisp pictures and rich colours.

Qumi can also display PowerPoint presentations, Word, Excel or Adobe PDF files straight from a USB flash drive – no laptop necessary. It also boasts a built-in Web-Browser, making it the first “Smart-Projector” by using the WiFi Qumi Dongle to connect to a WAP with Internet access. Its multitude of connectivity options, including HDMI, makes this pocket projector the ideal companion for tablets, laptops, and smartphones.

With an LED light source guaranteeing 30,000 hours of operation and just three seconds to power on (or off), the Qumi Q5 is projection-ready whenever needed – making it a truly mobile projector and it fits easily into a bag or...

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