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Long gone are the days where knitted baby garments were deemed ‘uncool’. Online knitting store, Deramores, saw sales of baby knitting patterns surge to record highs in 2013.

So what is it we love about hand crafted gifts and why are more and more of us are casting on cardigans for the world’s newest arrivals?

Amy Last of Deramores puts it down to the ‘instant gratification’ of knitting small garments. “As a knitter, I’m always casting on a new project before I’ve finished the last. I love that sense of beginning something new, and little projects for a baby mean I can do that more often, as well as knowing I’m making something a shop-bought gift will be hard pressed to beat!”

“Not everyone appreciates the time that goes into something hand knitted; recently I saw an assortment of beautiful second hand knitted baby garments for sale for just 10pence each! But when I...

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