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12th May 2004, ~ Developer Solutions, the specialist development resource,
announces the availability of Spread 7, from Farpoint Technologies Inc.

Farpoint's Spread , the world's best-selling spreadsheet component, has
released version 7 of this very successful product. Spread's trademark
features are once again prevalent in this release, together with a host of
new features and improvements to continue Spread's legacy as the
market-leader in it's field.

Use FarPoint's Spread 7 to easily incorporate advanced grid and high-level
spreadsheet features into your applications. You get unmatched flexibility
at the cell level for maximum control over the display and entry of the
data, plenty of events to respond to user changes and an impressive feature
list for everything in between; including import/export capabilities,
enhanced printing, 14 cell types, formulas, plus many more features...

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