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Figleaves Deploys AVORA Augmented Analytics for Granular Insights and Reporting


AVORA empowers cross functional data analysis for collaboration and speed to insight

2 September 2019, London, UK - Online lingerie and swimwear retailer, Figleaves, has deployed the AVORA augmented analytics platform to deliver granular data insights at speed and enhance cross -functional working practices across the business. AVORA is providing Figleaves with one set of reporting in a single system accessible to all departments, fostering collaboration and enabling deep dive interrogation into the effectiveness of key areas, such as products, promotional activities, traffic, customer behaviour, stock availability, rate of sales and returns.

As one of retail’s very first pure play eCommerce sites, Figleaves is looking to ensure systems work in a more integrated manner, including its high dependency legacy systems built in-house. Analysing the breadth of customer and session data across different siloed systems was both time-consuming and limited.

“AVORA gives us the ability to easily democratise insights and data across the business, empowering our users to work more collaboratively and become advocates around the data,” said Angus Jenkins, Head of eCommerce at Figleaves. “Not only are we able to get granular answers at lightning speed, but AVORA also enables our various departments, such as Merchandise and Buying, to work together more effectively and iteratively. Moving forward, I think AI will be an interesting and powerful tool to find patterns and correlations that we may not have considered. The pace of change is so fast in technology and retail is so competitive, we wanted a future proof system. It’s imperative to have systems that can adapt to future requirements. We believe we can grow and evolve with AVORA.”

AVORA will enable Figleaves to interrogate huge reams of data within seconds. For example, Figleaves generates millions of bytes of session data daily and has more than 200 SKU size and colour units on a single product, including its own range and numerous other brands. AVORA will provide performant reporting over granular data, such as stock availability, rate of sale, type of traffic, level of intent to purchase along with a slew of other data points. Previously, this could only ever be seen from a macro perspective. In addition to having all its data in one place and putting algorithms around it, Figleaves’ data analysts can spend their time more strategically to better support the business.

AVORA was fully deployed at Figleaves in August 2019.

About Figleaves
Figleaves is one of online retail’s most established brands and this year celebrates its 21st birthday. A premium fit specialist, it sells 130+ bra sizes, across a curated selection of brands as well as its popular own-brand ranges. Its fast-growing swimwear collection offers flattering fits; with bra sizing, longer lengths and control. In addition to its UK and US websites, Figleaves sells its lingerie and swim collections to five of the UK’s top retailers.

AVORA provides an end-to-end augmented analytics platform, utilising Machine Learning with smart altering to deliver easy to use, in-depth data analysis. By eliminating the limitations of existing analytics, reducing data preparation and discovery time by 50-80%, and accelerating time to insight to just a matter of seconds rather than days, AVORA creates game-changing organizational intelligence. AVORA’s intention is to end data paralysis, make every business user an empowered data citizen, and redefine the potential for actionable decision making across the entire enterprise.

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