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Petaluma, CA.— November 29, 2004— Dilithium Networks announced that telecommunications industry veteran David J. Myers, a co-founder and former Vice President of Engineering of Dilithium Networks, has written a book entitled “Mobile Video Telephony for 3G Wireless Networks”, published by McGraw-Hill. The book provides an accessible account of the principles behind video telephony based on the 3G-324M standard and serves as a truly international system level tutorial for 3G deployment.

“There are a growing number of professionals at every level of the industry who need to understand the technology and complex protocols and standards behind 3G video telephony.” said Dr. Marwan Jabri, co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of Dilithium Networks. “This book fills an important gap in the technical literature by providing a single source of succinct and clear information that was previously only available distributed across diverse and inaccessible standards...

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