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July 25, 2013 – Donna Anaine announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to fund “Design Your Dream Leather Belt with HUGE Customization”, a project meant to help customers get their desired belt, custom-made so that each belt is as unique as the person wearing it.

There are thousands of possible variations, so each belt designed by you and created by Donna Anaine is practically unique.
Customers can choose from 8 possibilities to customize their dream leather belt:
• The desired length, measured at waist: 24” to 50” (61cm to 127cm);
• The desired leather color: chose from 48 colors;
• The desired width: 1” (2.54cm), 1.18” (3cm), 1.5” (3.8cm);
• The desired thread color to be used for your belt: white, black, red, yellow, pink, navy blue;
• The desired belt buckle from 3...

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