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The Search is on for a Brilliant Cancer Research Student to Win a Bursary Worth up to £12,000

Bowel Cancer Charity

We know that an exceptional student is out there in one of the UK's excellent universities.

The search is on for an outstanding postgraduate student, researching cancer at a UK university, to win up to £12,000 in funding. The deadline is August 31, 2023, so time is of the essence!

Red Trouser Day, a UK bowel/colorectal cancer charity, run by volunteers, has put out the call to postgraduate research students. Paul Finch, founder of the charity, says, "It is only through research that we can improve the treatment of cancer, and hopefully one day, see the elimination of this disease. Few know that bowel cancer is the third most common cancer worldwide, and the second most common cause of cancer fatalities, leading to almost one million deaths per year. Our award is open to all postgraduate students whose research can impact bowel cancer outcomes."

The Red Trouser Day charity, founded in 2017, is run solely by volunteers. Many of these fundraisers have had their lives affected by bowel cancer. Paul speaks on behalf of all the volunteers, "We know that an exceptional student is out there in one of the UK's excellent universities. Only by going public with this search, will this substantial bursary help a well-deserving student with their research into bowel cancer."

Everyone involved with the Red Trouser Day charity is aware that finding funding for postgraduate research is becoming increasingly difficult. Nationwide cutbacks affect everyone, including students; this is why they have prioritised this award. 95% of all the Red Trouser Day funds raised,(excluding event costs), goes to sponsor research and awareness. Paul stresses that funding is one of the most common difficulties facing postgraduate students, "Just one student, free from financial constraints, could have a major effect on fighting cancer. That talented person, with the freedom to fully focus on developing new solutions, could potentially lead to new insights."

Last year's Red Trouser Day award allowed an exceptional research student from City, the University of London, to focus solely on her work. She had been holding down two part-time jobs just to pay for her living expenses, until the Red Trouser Day charity stepped in with a bursary.

The year’s award will go to a student whose research work shows promise in furthering the understanding of bowel cancer and contributes to preventing, improving the early detection of, or improving the treatment of colorectal cancer, aligning with the charity’s goals.

So we encourage everyone to get the word out there, that the search is now on!

In addition, there are two further discretionary awards available to help students. There is a travel award of £500, for undergraduate and postgraduate students researching cancer worldwide. This bursary can be used to fund travel to conferences, seminars, or for visits to the UK to further bowel cancer research. A final award of up to £1,000 will be available for funding research consumables.

The closing date for all applications is August 31, 2023.

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