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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

‘Is Britain Full?’ queried BBC’s Panorama investigation this week – again throwing the spotlight on dire housing shortages.

Polls suggest voters think "Yes". If predictions on immigration levels, the number of single-person households and the fact that we’ll all be living longer are to be believed, Britain is rapidly reaching the tipping point of its manageable capacity.

Coinciding with new calls to slacken tight Green Belt Planning Laws, UK population growth and land use advice back a new report, ‘South East England Freehold Investment Land’, addressing the 1 million homes shortfall described by the Home Builders Federation as “a desperate and growing housing crisis.”

Jane Goodall, respected scientist and Patron of the Optimum Population Trust has made a heartfelt plea to “somehow curtail human population growth both globally and in Britain.” Since 2004, UK births are up 11%, creating a baby...

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