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Vigor 2860Ln

DrayTek announce the launch of the Vigor 2860Ln LTE (3G/4G) router, the latest in their flagship business class Vigor 2860 series.

With the increased coverage, faster speeds and more competitive offerings available from service providers, 4G/LTE is now a realistic practical option for many network requirements as an alternative to or augmenting fixed-line applications.

The Vigor 2860Ln includes a SIM slot in the back of the router allowing users to simply insert a 3G/4G standard SIM card with the service provider of their choice.

The router can utilise 3G/4G in a number of ways:

1. As a “pop up” broadband facility where fixed lines are not available and 3G/4G provides the main connection. Common applications include construction sites or visiting teams, or permanent usage where fixed lines are slow, not available or less effective.

2. As a secondary failover connection in the event of the fixed (primary)...

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