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Overfunded on their first day of being live! Wave the live location mobile app sensation, launches their second crowdfunding campaign!

Wave team are excited for the next step.

Press Release, Madrid, Thursday 1st March 2018: After their super successful crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube in 2016; Wave are back for a second time with their new campaign.

With their user base skyrocketing from 3,500,000 in 2016, to an incredible 11,000,000+ users in 2018, their campaign is not one to be missed based off their continued success from the last time they crowdfunded, where they also saw a higher retention rate and an 800% increase in revenue.

So who are Wave?

Wave is an app that enables users to share their live location in real time, in a private map, for a limited time period, or, gives them to option to share for an unlimited period of time with the ones that matter to them the most.

The company which was founded in 2014 and launched commercially in 2015, has grown from a team of 10 to an experienced team of 22 lead by CEO and Co-Founder Manuel De La Esperanza, and COO and Co-Founder Luis Gelado.

‘To start a business as I have done, it is essential to be courageous, otherwise, there is no success. Take risks and be open to learning every single day.’ - Manuel de la Esperanza (CEO)

The idea was sparked when the co-founders noticed, that while waiting for a colleague, there was no real solution in the geolocation app market – making it a huge orphan market, so a huge opportunity.

With the app boasting multiple functions, including an estimated time of arrival feature (to see when friends are arriving in real-time at the desired meetup location), a group feature, and allowing users to create an editable meeting point, they’re currently standing out from competitors in this field.

The app is currently being praised for its safety functionality, as users can share their live location, even while driving, without handling their phone, as the app includes a ‘no more typing function’ adding up to no more dangerous status updates, and no more accidents.

And thanks to it’s ‘Friend and Family Locator’ feature, people can find out where a friend or family member is, whether they’re meeting, or, just need to know, which will help increase the users' safety when out and about.

‘Tech is also being used to increase travellers' safety. For example, the Wave app allows two or more people to share their location with each other for a predetermined amount of time. The locations are shown on a private map, so you can track down a friend or relative if you get separated while exploring a new city.’ - Olivia Krauth (TechRepublic)

Their crowdfunding campaign aimed to hit a target of £500,000, and, as of writing, they currently stand at an incredible £592,450 in investment in total! With the launch of their campaign today, it’s clear that many are viewing this as a great investment opportunity, and those wanting to invest can still invest, even with the campaign currently overfunding.

The company has already signed Series A for €2 million, with international VC’s, so investors should be aware they would be co-investing. There are more details about this on their campaign page.

If you have questions about their crowdfunding campaign, would like to interview the team at Wave, or need additional material, they are happy to be contacted through the details below.

If you want to check out their Crowdcube crowdfunding campaign page you can find it here:

For their press kit, including brand assets, you can find it all here:

Wave Contact Details:

Manuel de la Esperanza (CEO and Co-Founder)

Luis Gelado (COO and Co-Founder)


Please note that, as with all finance options, crowdfunding comes with a certain level of risk including the possible loss of capital, liquidity, lack of dividends and dilution, and should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio. Use crowdfunding services solely at your own risk.

Address: Apolonio Morales 21 – 28036 (Madrid)
Wave App SL - ESB86942901