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Wave team are excited for the next step.

Press Release, Madrid, Thursday 1st March 2018: After their super successful crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube in 2016; Wave are back for a second time with their new campaign.

With their user base skyrocketing from 3,500,000 in 2016, to an incredible 11,000,000+ users in 2018, their campaign is not one to be missed based off their continued success from the last time they crowdfunded, where they also saw a higher retention rate and an 800% increase in revenue.

So who are Wave?

Wave is an app that enables users to share their live location in real time, in a private map, for a limited time period, or, gives them to option to share for an unlimited period of time with the ones that matter to them the most.

The company which was founded in 2014 and launched commercially in 2015, has grown from a team of 10 to an...

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