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- New survey data from Dye & Durham reveals extent of issue for homeowners -

• Fifty-six percent of UK mortgage holders say the cost-of-living crisis is affecting their mental health
• 30% worried they will fail to make mortgage repayments within the next year
• One third (36%) could not afford to continue paying their mortgage for more than two months if a job loss affected the main earner in their household
• Two thirds (66%) are worried their offspring will be unable to get on the property ladder
• More than three-quarters believe the UK is in a recessionary-phase: 42% believe the nation is in a recession now while 35% say we are about to enter one
• Digitisation is key for legal professionals in the property space amidst slowing transaction volumes.

According to a new survey of 2,000 UK homeowners who pay a mortgage, conducted by independent market research firm Danebury Research on behalf of global technology...

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