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Porto toilets

If you’ve ever been to a large outdoor event, such as a music festival or a public celebration, or worked on a building site and ever pondered on the precise definition of what a chemical toilet actually is and how it works then let us set the record straight by giving you an accurate insight into one of modern man’s most curious and misunderstood inventions!

In recent times, chemical toilets have been found in a diverse cross section of scenarios and locations ranging from camping and caravan sites through to trains and airplanes. Their main purpose is to provide a safe and hygienic means of collecting and disposing of human waste in situations where conventional toilets and hand washing facilities simply aren’t available owing to a lack of plumbing in the local vicinity.

The main difference between a chemical toilet and a standard water closet lies in the fact that the chemical toilet does not need to be connected to a nearby water supply or sewerage...

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