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Most women at some point in their life, will experience the development of stretch marks be it, through pregnancy and birth; sudden weight gain or weight loss. Research indicates that 70-90% of new mums are left with evidence of stretch marks.

Stretch marks, are most commonly caused when the skin is stretch beyond its capacity causing tears in the dermis layers of the skin. As a result stretch marks start to appear with a reddish/purple colour and then eventually scarring turning silver/white.
Also on darker skin tones, stretch marks have been known to turn black.

EBS – Stretch Mark Removal Paste; will dramatically improve the appearance of stretch marks, old and new, by renewing the skin structure from the epidermis layer, so that the collagen fibres reconnect and renew the tissue with a smoother appearance.

In only two weeks, stretch marks colour, width and depth show a drastic improvement, and with continued use will...

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