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Gymshark's Ben Francis

What do Grand Prix drivers, premier league footballers and Hollywood stars all have in common? They employ personal trainers (PT) to ensure their bodies look good, and are in peak physical condition.

But, it’s not just the fast and the famous enlisting the help of PTs; nowadays it’s the general public too. In fact, out of the estimated £4.4 billion generated by the UK’s fitness industry, the PT sector generates almost £700m.

Celebrity trainers, body-builders, fitness brands and YouTube vloggers like Joe Wicks and Gymshark’s Ben Francis have helped the UK fitness industry thrive, and part of this industry is personal training, which has become a professional and well-paid career choice.

From September, Croydon College, opposite East Croydon station in south London is offering qualifications in personal training for anyone over the age of 19. And, is holding an advice day on the 25th May for those interested in starting the course. Read full release

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