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Thefts from sheds is an ongoing problem all year round but, recently the problem seems to of expanded - with 28 sheds at Chesterfield allotment getting broken into last week, the thieves stole hundreds of pounds worth of equipment in the raid.

The thieves know the pattern only too well and let’s face it, we make it easy for them!
You are probably disciplined about locking your doors and windows when you leave the house, but what about your shed?

Research shows that thieves often take tools such as ladders and spares from a shed to help them break into a house, ensure your are always locked away

Try to site your shed within view of the house and ensure there is adequate lighting. Consider installing an alarm

Visibly mark all removable items with your postcode and house number

Ensure the shed is in a good state of repair
Make notes of the make/model/serial number of tools and bicycles, take...

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