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We are delighted to introduce EduCaveman - a book already attracting 5-star reviews!

This is a book for teachers and leaders which unashamedly focusses on the importance, and necessity, of planning for and creating an energised school culture.

" EduCaveman is crammed full of refreshing thinking, guidance and strategies which are focused on strengths, empowerment, positivity and TRUST. "

Wrates Publishing is delighted to announce the independent release, through Amazon, of Educaveman; a book that dares to dream of the schools we all want. A text, the authors believe, will enable you and your colleagues to find or rekindle the joy and happiness in education.

This book, written by Bob Twells and Dave Cole, is a rallying cry to all educators, whatever their role or responsibility, to ponder and reflect on a different approach to school life. Through practical steps and straightforward strategies, the chapters will help staff...

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