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luxury scented candle

LONDON, December 19, 2020

WITH LOVE, JOY, AND HAPPINESS in short supply in 2020, Elle Lene artisan candle company invites customers to round-off a difficult year in the most enchanted way imaginable.

Inspired by fairy guide, Elle Lene, after whom the start-up London-based creative company is named, the new range of candles form stunning centrepieces that are sure to bring forth peace and goodwill to all men and women who see and scent them.

Eager to share her festive designs with the world for the first time, Elle Lene founder laura says “Our centrepiece candles are designed to inspire your inner light and bring outer light delight.”

“Each centrepiece brings true joy to the senses,” she adds. “What you see is a unique combination of light and colour presented in contemporary art glass that’s wonderfully embellished with gold or silver trim. What you scent is other-worldly fragrance that will help you leave your troubles...

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