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The specific mention of Japanese knotweed in two new important pieces of legislation has put many home owners, home buyers, estate agents and other property professionals on alert.

This month’s Law Society launch of the 3rd edition of the Property Information Form (TA6) and the updated Consumer Protection Regulations (CPRs) both cite the presence of Japanese Knotweed, or the risk that it may be present, as an example of the type of material information that you would be expected to disclose to prospective buyers once you knew of it.

“Property sales are hampered and construction delayed by the discovery of this highly invasive plant so it makes commercial sense to ensure that people involved in the property market are able to correctly identify it and know what steps to take if they do discover it” explains Mark Hayward of the NAEA (National Association of Estate Agents), speaking at the annual conference of the Guild of Professional Estate Agents...

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