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News release
7 January 2013

Lack of information and support for pregnant women with epilepsy

Women with epilepsy are not being given vital information about contraception, conception and pregnancy, according to a survey released this week by Epilepsy Action. This means that they are unable to make informed decisions about their care and treatment before and during pregnancy.

All pregnancies in women with epilepsy are classed as high risk. Around 2,400 babies are born to women with epilepsy each year. Women with epilepsy and their unborn babies potentially face an increased risk of problems during pregnancy and birth. This is due to changing seizure patterns and taking certain epilepsy medicines. In extreme cases, babies can be born with a malformation, or the lives of mothers and babies can be put at risk. With better information, care and treatment before and during pregnancy, it is possible to minimise the risks for more...

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