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Is Santa Claus Turkish? Are Christmas decorations tax deductible? - 2018's most Googled Christmas questions

You might think Britons know all they need to about Christmas by now, but according to new research, there are still some big questions left unanswered.

Using Google's own data, analysts at a Manchester-based online security consultancy have been collating the most asked Christmas-related questions and their findings are... a little strange to say the least.

Is tinsel recyclable? was one of the UK's most commonly Googled questions about the festive season.

From festive scrimpers looking to find out if their decorations are tax deductible to devoted Catholics checking to see if Christmas eve mass covers their obligations for the whole festive season, the most asked questions paint a quirky and wonderful picture of the UK’s take to Christmas.

Among the most commonly asked questions were queries relating...

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