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Demand for more natural ingredients in beauty products added £1.4m to sales of facial scrubs in last year according to IRI market data

4 out of 10 of the top selling facial scrub brands use clay, sugar, salt or fruits as
alternatives to microbeads

New entrants to the facial scrub market make up 4% of revenue

19th March 2018 – Bracknell, UK: New Government legislation introduced at the start of this year banning the manufacturing of products containing plastic microbeads found in facial scrubs as well as general consumer interest in products that promote wellness and health, whilst being environmentally friendly, has lead to a plethora of new natural ingredients being introduced in the facial scrub market over the last year. The latest market data from IRI, the provider of big data and predictive analytics for FMCG manufacturers and retailers, illustrates that new product development (NPD) in facial scrubs has added +£1.4m in...

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