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We all like our homes to be fresh and welcoming. Wouldn’t it be great if your home always smelt fresh and fragrant, without any unpleasant odours getting in the way? Thanks to the NEW Odour Detect air freshener from Air Wick, which not only notices pongs and whiffs but also overcomes them, your homes will always smell sweet!

We’ve all been there: the door bell rings and its perfect Shelia from next door, whose house is always pristine. Your house is looking spotless, but what’s that smell Shelia seems to have just caught a whiff of? Last night’s curry, or maybe it’s the dog? Or perhaps your husband just paid a ‘special visit’ to the bathroom? Smells matter – in fact, 79% of people quizzed by Air Wick noticed unpleasant odours in someone else’s home. But thanks to the Air Wick Odour Detect™, yours needn’t be one of them. The first air freshener to use the same odour sensor technology found in luxury cars, the Odour Detect automatically detects and overcomes...

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