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European Bartender School

Just like thousands of students all over the country European Bartender School is returning to universities this week with the launch of their UK Awareness campaign directed at Freshers’ Fairs in and around London.

The representatives from European Bartender School will be at the freshers’ fairs sharing some of their knowledge and the joy of bartending. They can be seen at City University London on Tuesday 27th, Middlesex University on Thursday 29th and University of London on Friday 30th of September.

In the past decade with the recent boom in bartending culture and the continued growth of the hospitality industry, there is a higher demand and more opportunities for good bartenders than ever before. According to a report from Oxford Economics September 2015, between 2010 and 2014 the hospitality industry alone stood for an entire 17 percent of the total net employment growth in the UK and is the 4th largest employer in the country.


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