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CLC owners paid thousands of pounds

Janice Brook, a retired curtain maker from Maidstone in Kent, paid Club La Costa (CLC) around £3000 for a 'trial holiday pack' back in 2003.
It was a decision that would haunt the rest of her life.
"The minute you get there (your first holiday) they upgrade you to full membership," explains Janice. "Of course they arrange all the finance for you. You get drawn into what they create as a dream.. which turns into a nightmare."
The full membership Janice was upgraded to so swiftly and easily cost an eye watering £27,000. But this was only the beginning of the friendly great grandmother's timeshare travails.
"What they don't point out, and what makes you feel stupid in hindsight, is the massive rises in the maintenance fees," she explains.
Janice was paying upwards of £3000 a year by the end of her membership.
Janice was relentlessly targeted every time she holidayed at a CLC property. A divorce left the 76 year old needing to divest...

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