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For 10 year olds wishing to attend the local Grammar school there is the big hurdle of passing the 11-plus exam. This has become an industry in itself with parents engaging the services of tutors. Even with the newer tests, preparation is still seen as important by many parents to ensure their child does as well as possible.

Unfortunately this preparation and coaching can place a lot of pressure and expectation on the child. Will they get to go to the best school? Will they get to go with their friends?

To date there has been little support aimed at teaching children how to understand and cope with this stress. Dr Lucy Russell, the lead clinical psychologist at Everlief Child Psychology has tried to address the issue with an innovative new tool called Thinkerbud.

Thinkerbud is written for children taking the 11-plus or common entrance exam but the content is suitable for any exams taken by this age group.

When you...

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