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The Little Green Energy Company (TLGEC) is excited to be pioneering the UK’s first collaboration between charge point management software specialist, Clenergy EV and leading EV charging manufacturer, Easee. This partnership, led by the TLGEC team, is integral in transforming the way building owners and landlords provide easy and affordable EV charging for residents.

The collaboration, facilitated by TLGEC, saw Easee charging robots installed across underground parking bays at the Royal Sands development in the Ramsgate marina. In order to most efficiently link the chargers and allow for multiple charge points to be safely and effectively linked at once, TLGEC advised on a daisy-chain setup.

Each EV charger will initially be shared by three flats. However, Easee’s load balancing features and innovative Easee Ready plug and play solution, means the system will be easy to scale as more...

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