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Worldwide searches for home workouts increase by 500% in a matter of days.

James Stone PhD
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OriGym analysed data from Google search trends and Twitter to see the scale of the worldwide reaction to self-isolating and keeping physically active.

Search terms such as “home workout”, “home gym equipment”, “bodyweight exercise” show a 5-600% increase in volume worldwide over the past week.

Twitter data also shows a huge increase in those talking about home workouts in the past week.

These data provide insight into how people are navigating these strange times and highlights the positive steps many are taking. Furthermore, suggests that companies selling fitness equipment to the home market are going to be busy.

Origym’s own certified personal trainers have put together a set of actionable tips on how you can stay fit at home including a circuit programme that will keep you moving.

It’s no surprise that people are seeking information on things they can do at home given the rapid increase in those self-isolating. With more time spent at home and more hours to fill with entertainment due to fewer commutes and less outdoor socialising people are expected to spend significantly more time watching TV streaming services. Twitch viewership is producing record numbers and online gaming servers are being overwhelmed.

In light of these more sedentary activities seeing such a surge in numbers it’s positive that we can also see an uptick in people keen to maintain their physical activity levels during this unique period of time we face.

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