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Farage Fury & Kind Kylie: Internet’s Top Celeb Saints and Sinners Revealed

Evoluted have released unique statistics to show the biggest sinners and saints on social media recently.

Nigel Farage = Biggest Internet Sinner with 54.68% negativity

Kylie Minogue = Kindest Internet Saint with 89.74% positivity

The Biggest Internet Sinners:

Nigel Farage hit the headlines AGAIN this week, sparking outrage. Evoluted’s social media attitude analysis backs this up:

# 1 Nigel Farage
54.68% negativity

# 2 Piers Morgan
53.80% negativity

# 3 Cher
48.70% negativity

The Kindest Internet Saints

Kylie Minogue has weathered romantic fails, a traumatic fight with cancer, and now a 2-year legal battle most recently. Yet she continues to bounce back. She’s loved so much that there’s even a new rosé wine named after her -

#1 Kylie Minogue
89.74% positivity

#2 Sir Tom Jones
89.39% positivity

#3 Lionel Richie
89.24% positivity

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Here are a few more:

Internet Sinners By Job

# 1 Actor = Hugh Grant
48.41% negativity

# 1 Music Artist = Cher
48.7% negativity

# 1 Sports Personality = Gary Lineker
34.45% negativity

# 1 Comedian = Jimmy Carr
37.84% negativity

Kindest Internet Saints By Job

#1 Actor = Ben Affleck
89.13% positivity

#1 Sports Personality = Cristiano Ronaldo
89.13% positivity

#1 TV Personality = Jamie Oliver
88.32% positivity

#1 Public Figure = Richard Branson
87.13% positivity

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