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People look for drug-free solutions for their hayfever symptoms for many reasons – such as during pregnancy, for use by their children or simply to avoid unnecessary drugs. There are a wide range of drug-free products available, as well as many natural ways to help reduce your hayfever symptoms…

Eat to defeat

Surprisingly, the foods we eat can help us ease our hayfever symptoms. Red onions and apples contain high amounts of the natural antihistamine quercetin, which can help reduce hayfever symptoms. Combine one of these in a sweet and sour or fruit salad with pineapple, as it contains bromelain, which helps the body to absorb quercetin.

Other fruit and veg can help too. The attractive, bright orange and red colours of some of our favourite fruit and vegetables signal that they’re rich in beta carotene, vitamin C and a substance called bioflavonoids. These nutrients are said to be good for preparing the body for fighting off hayfever...

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